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Our audit and assurance services on Sdn Bhd are fully tailored to suit you and your business. Through years of experience and knowledge in this field, we have developed great awareness of almost all industries.

We have been able to use this experience and knowledge to develop credible approaches for all our clients. Couple this with an intimate understanding of your business, we can ensure that our audit and assurance services are tailored not just to meet with International Standards on Auditing, but to focus on matters which are of relevance and added value to your business.

By assigning the most suitable member of our team to your business, we can ensure that you receive practical advice relevant to your business. We pledge continuity at senior staff level so the knowledge of your business gets passed on. Uniquely, our audit team members are also all trained on tax matters such that material tax related issues are also highlighted.

Our full focus is on delivering a non-intrusive, cost effective solution to you, which can add value.

  Our Approach

Our approach is simple as follows:

  • UNDERSTAND: Build an intimate understanding of you, your business, your industry, your requirements and importantly what the key issues are, where the risk areas lie and how to add value to the process
  • SOLVE: Come up with an approach which fits in with the compliance requirements and your business’s requirements in a cost effective way; identify the issues and provide the ideas and solutions
  • PLAN: Build and maintain a relationship which enables us to proactively work with you to anticipate the regulatory and business’s requirements and plan ahead

Added value

Every aspect of your business will be taken into consideration in our assessment of your business’s greatest risks and areas of importance. By acquiring this insight, we can provide you with more than a statutory audit and assurance services, but additional solutions on how to improve your business’s financial and operational performance, as well as offer you advice on all your legal and regulatory issues.

We seek to ensure that compliance work, especially Statutory Audit that can be seen to be a burden is instead turned into an exercise which adds value.

Note: We don’t provide audit services for Society, Yayasan, Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Committee (MC), Company limited by guarantee, Charity Institutions, Non-profit organisations, Representative and Regional Office, etc.